Nightclubs are the new h00kup spots” – Nightlife king, YhemoLee reveals

Hypeman and influencer, Idowu Adeyemi, widely known as YhemoLee has recently disclosed that nightclubs are the new spots for hookups in Lagos.

YhemoLee made this revelation about nightclubs, while speaking as a guest in an episode of Taymesan’s podcast, TeawithTay.

According to YhemooLee, nightclubs are the new places to pick up a category of women he identified as ‘surgery preferable’, and these ladies charge at least $5,000.

They either make their clients pay in cash or have them clear their shopping carts, consisting of bags and other luxury materials.

In related news, Yhemolee has replied to skit maker, Carter Efe after the latter called him out for disrespecting skit makers.

Recall that during a recent Instagram live session, Carter Efe aired his grievance with Yhemo Lee for claiming that he earns the amount skit makers make for shooting seven videos in one night.

“Lol playing with fire.
Don’t just spit. This is prolly your 6months endorsement fee in a night. Can’t even count how many nights I’ve done in nightlife. I still make more money than you in your skit| influencing or
whatever you call it. I wasn’t even talking to you or referring to no one, was simply saying how nightlife pays more and why I directed more of my energy to it rather than skit making lol.
But Y’ll youngins are so quick to clout chase at every little chance you get. Man I’ve been doing this skit p prolly before you gained admission into uni. Shalom’”

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