Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is a kind of classics that, even should you don’t know who sings it or what the tune is named, you recognize the tune inside an out. It’s been performed on radio stations for many years (the album will have fun its fortieth anniversary this 12 months) to the purpose that even simply snippet shall be sufficient to set off recognition.

Now, Alok and Sevenn have taken the basic and re-tooled it for the dance ground with a contemporary twist. Nonetheless, what initially seems like a pattern is definitely an entire recreation. In response to Billboard, Alok recorded a brand new choice of British schoolkids to sing the enduring line, “We don’t want no schooling…”

“This tune is timeless, it by no means will get previous,” Alok mentioned of Waters’ composition, from whom he additionally acquired approval for the recreation. “I really like the hook. It makes folks get nuts [on the dance floor].”

The brand new lower is disco, it’s dance, it’s enjoyable and contemporary… test it out beneath.